Canon EOS 450D Digital Rebel XSi Camera – New EOS 450 DSLR

0 Canon EOS 450D Digital Rebel XSi Camera   New EOS 450 DSLR
also visit for digital Canon EOS 450D Digital Camera Rebel XSi – New EOS 450 DSLR
The Canon EOS 450D blends uncompromising performance with ease of use in a lightweight, ergonomic body. Capture your world with a 12.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor and the very latest Canon technologies.

The Canon EOS 450D / Digital Rebel XSi is a new 12 megapixel compact DSLR camera. looking very similar to the previous 400D from the outside, the EOS 450D / Digital Rebel XSi features a larger 3 inch LCD screen, new 9-point AF system, 14-bit processing, Live View mode with contrast detection AF mode (like the Panasonic L10) and 3.5fps continuous mode.

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  1. bestcanoncameras says:

    Kind of strange to …
    Kind of strange to have such a sophisticated camera with such bland music!!

  2. bmw51952 says:

    @Macinabit Thanks …
    @Macinabit Thanks a Lot :D

  3. Macinabit says:

    @bmw51952 You need …
    @bmw51952 You need to use a CMOS cleaning kit and is best to have a light ring which lets you see where any bits of dust or dirt are, also some cleaning swobs which are like lolly pop sticks with a thin wipper on the end. these things you should be able to find in a good photographic shop. One other thing is don’t take the lens off after using the camera as there is a megnetic field which will suck in any dust from the air or from your clothes etc.

  4. bmw51952 says:

    I have a …
    I have a question.Does it cause any damage if we take off the lens and then just clean a little bit the space inside the canon that looks like a mirror ? Could somebody tell me that . It would help me a lot sorry for my bad english

  5. cookiepwnsU says:

    @websurfer1232 IT’S …
    @websurfer1232 IT’S SO FLUFFEH!!!

  6. T0tAlT0dDiNaTi0N says:

    take photos with …
    take photos with confadance

  7. websurfer1232 says:


  8. FotoStyleRimsting says:

    A fine photographer …
    A fine photographer, unfortunately I do not speak English just a bit and I’m using a Google Translator can I write in English.


  9. MsDeviant says:

    a asked lot of …
    a asked lot of artist and professionals and they prefer nikon over canon but i still bought canon, no reason in particular. In terms of quality both has good quality. i chose canon bec i feel ii trust the brand more than nikon. :-) i check out my page, i upload some photos taken using my canon 500d. :) thanks

  10. MrIcka says:

    Like a Dharma …
    Like a Dharma instruction video

  11. threefourninetyfour says:

    You press the …
    You press the shutter button to take the picture?! No way!!

  12. Frutoses says:

    @FatGermanBastard …
    @FatGermanBastard Yes it reflects on the live view lcd screen.

  13. Scortech says:

    You are so right …
    You are so right Azjen. Have this camera.

  14. taylor22222222 says:

    Is it that bad? …
    Is it that bad? I’m used to point and shoot cameras, so I like having an LCD display, but this camera will be my first DSLR.

  15. wholesaleelectronic says:

    why buy a camera …
    why buy a camera and just take pictures. buy a 9 in one and take picture, video, listen to mp3′s, mp4′s, voice recording, webcam, mass storage all in one!
    check out this video for more
    youtube. com/watch?v=WweH2X6z9ZE

  16. CountryGirlatheart9 says:

    I started watching …
    I started watching because of the camera, i continued watching because of that adorable kitten!


    Don’t be fooled! …
    Don’t be fooled! Live View is just a gimmick! Used it once & thought it was awful, number one it drains your battery & number two it’s so hard to focus! What Canon really need to do is fit a movable LCD display on the camera, problem solved!

  18. WalaNaGidKoMaButang says:

    Is there a way to …
    Is there a way to capture the zoomed in image exactly like in the live view screen? Because when I capture it in zoom in, it captures the image in zoom out mode. (sorry, i’m still a newbie in this field.) :D

  19. ALICEandBRENDA says:

    with out doubt!

    with out doubt!

    this is my other channel BTW. with videos. lol

  20. StevenNoel2 says:

    @username33671 do …
    @username33671 do you find the 180 degree shots are worth the price?

  21. xxkmkxx1605 says:

    travelnow365,com …
    travelnow365,com has a contest giveaway going on right now for a free canon camera

  22. 7677890 says:

    I genuinely love …
    I genuinely love this camera (#1 on my Christmas list), but I’d rather have the kitten!

  23. Soonni2k6 says:

    Im getting the …
    Im getting the Olympus E420 ;D

  24. GinoSVK says:

    Live View is real …
    Live View is real slow !

  25. CanonCompany says:

    Very good camera!
    Very good camera!

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