Canon EOS 450D (Rebel XSi) review by What Digital Camera

0 Canon EOS 450D (Rebel XSi) review by What Digital CameraCanon EOS 450D (EOS REbel XSi) digital SLR camera review by What Digital Camera, the UK’s original and best digital photography magazine

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  1. gokartsRfun says:

    @LaamaX who idiot …
    @LaamaX who idiot seriously uses incorrect grammar?

  2. YamatanoOrochi1 says:

    you don’t have a …
    you don’t have a manual?
    depends on how you set your camera, I just need to click on “set”

  3. zannneee says:

    @YamatanoOrochi1 …
    @YamatanoOrochi1 how do i turn the lcd screen on so i can see the picture that im taking on the screen

  4. YamatanoOrochi1 says:

    good camera, but …
    good camera, but it’s limitated ISO 1600
    me too have a canon 450D

  5. CoroaEntertainment says:

    @bumblebee561, yes, …
    @bumblebee561, yes, it’s called “live view”. There are a few YT videos that show you how to use it.

  6. SkateBoardWheels says:

    @XxJoshPetersxX …
    @XxJoshPetersxX Your the biggest dog cunt!

  7. XxJoshPetersxX says:

    he has a head you …
    he has a head you just want to hit

  8. XxJoshPetersxX says:

    he has a head you …
    he has a head you just want to hit

  9. WindsorSkateboarder says:

    the cord that …
    the cord that connects from camera to computer, is it usb into computeR?

  10. zambrella1 says:

    open your mouth to …
    open your mouth to speak..

  11. lpmelih000 says:

    @didongpogi nope
    @didongpogi nope

  12. bumblebee561 says:

    can you take a …
    can you take a picture when looking at the screen on the back

  13. jamdvx says:

    for these people …
    for these people asking: —> instead ask “what is better” watch and read reviews even compare and think the use you’ll give. +++

  14. weirdo183 says:

    @didongpogi noo
    @didongpogi noo

  15. didongpogi says:

    does it shoot …
    does it shoot videos?

  16. alphadude500 says:

    @LaamaX respect, so …
    @LaamaX respect, so many idiots go out and buy an expensive SLR without taking the time to learn to take good shots with it on manual. you can use auto on a powershot and get literally the same quality.

  17. BramowitchIII says:

    @pimpestienjay Why …
    @pimpestienjay Why not go for the Pentax KX? The best high-iso of all entry-level camera’s. Quick framerate. Pick up some camera’s in your local shop en look which feels best. There is no camera which is 10 times better as the other.

  18. miguelgaio says:

    @pimpestienjay I …
    @pimpestienjay I can only speak for myself, I own the 450d for 3 months now, and you houldnt believe the photos I can take with it. Its really top quality.

  19. pimpestienjay says:

    Which is the best …
    Which is the best Dsl camera in the price range of 500-600 $?
    Nikon D3000?
    Canon 450D?
    Sony A390?
    Nikon D3100?
    If any other then please suggest

  20. WildBoy454 says:

    D5000 or XSi? Why?
    D5000 or XSi? Why?

  21. NAGULNR2 says:

    which is better the …
    which is better the canon eos 450d or the nikon d5000?

  22. DRIODBOY says:

    They love giving …
    They love giving things 89%, watched 3 reviews in a row, al 89% lol.

  23. monkeeluke07 says:

    @linalvarezable …
    @linalvarezable Hey Lina, I know a great site that shows how to Clean your Sensor Safely and Cheaply at home ill put the link here, hope this helps:)

  24. linalvarezable says:

    Hello , I have a …
    Hello , I have a question for you , i have this camera about 3 months but yesterday I took a photograph & there was a black speck of dust , there’s nothing wrong with the lens but it is my sensor , do you knw how I can clean it safely at home ?


  25. Dark3ny says:

    @muaj81 you have …
    @muaj81 you have to choose between 550d and d90 but I advise the 550d ;)

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