Digital Camera- Highlights and Histogram Tools

0 Digital Camera  Highlights and Histogram ToolsTips on using the Highlights and Histogram tools on your digital camera to assess correct exposure.

Duration : 0:5:28

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  1. ramishady75 says:

    thank you, it is …
    thank you, it is very usefull for me..

  2. 11branik says:

    Very nice video. …
    Very nice video. Thank you. Now I know….

  3. iSimx says:

    Very helpful! …
    Very helpful! thanks for the video!

  4. kenloo501 says:

    great video
    great video

  5. vivaciouspianist says:

    Excellent work. …
    Excellent work. Great explanations and in detail! Thanks!!

  6. SmallWorldFilms says:

    Thank you. This …
    Thank you. This was a very clear explanation and I feel comfortable in using these tools now.

  7. musica21 says:

    Thank you very much …
    Thank you very much for your clear explanation. I now understand the highlights and histogram tools – these will be very useful!!

  8. perth45 says:

    thats really helped …
    thats really helped thanks….all in easy, laymans terms, no jargon….thanks…it’s SLOWLY beginning to make a bit of sense…….

  9. mrsjengus says:

    These videos were …
    These videos were so helpful! Please keep them coming! I’d like to learn more about F-stops and shutter speeds. Thanks!

  10. langley2205 says:

    Hi. Increasing …
    Hi. Increasing exposure can be using a wider aperture, a slower shutter speed, a higher ISO setting, or any combination of these.

  11. newbie5296 says:

    This is a very …
    This is a very professional and informative tutorial! 5 stars :-)

  12. Chewy1980 says:

    Lovely work man or …
    Lovely work man or guide I should say. I didnt know what my histogram did till I watched your vid.

  13. chadsexinton says:


  14. jp75457 says:

    At 3:45 you talk …
    At 3:45 you talk about the histogram showing the picture with the aquarium is to dark and then you say the exposure therefore needs to be increased. Are you referring to increasing the ISO? I will greatly appreciate a response, thanks.

  15. akumakuddy says:

    Thank you … you …
    Thank you … you are a nice trainer.

  16. ichiwii says:

    There needs to be …
    There needs to be more of these from this guy, very good stuff. He teaches at a good speed

  17. petrak28 says:

    I find both your …
    I find both your videos very informative. Thank you. I will be visiting your website when you post a link!

  18. Buckl says:

    I enjoyed your …
    I enjoyed your discussion.

  19. chrisg2k1 says:

    wow great video!!!!!
    wow great video!!!!!

  20. langley2205 says:

    Hi Ricky
    Thanks …

    Hi Ricky
    Thanks for your comment. I’m currently working on a new website which have lots more similar tutorials plus some camera- specific training as well. Watch this space!


  21. RickyTomatoes says:

    These videos are …
    These videos are terrific for beginners.

    Are there any more?

  22. duneleader says:

    dude, you rock!
    dude, you rock!

  23. abhishes says:

    thank you this is …
    thank you this is very useful!

  24. tzvika770 says:

    thanx a lot
    thanx a lot

  25. evilnegative says:

    thank you
    thank you

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