Digital Photography Tips: Better Pictures – Part 1

0 Digital Photography Tips: Better Pictures   Part 1Learn what I believe to be the first two steps to taking better pictures, and they have nothing to do with the quality of your camera.

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  1. ropcan says:

    Thx, great tips…
    Thx, great tips…

  2. ctgartland says:

    I totally agree …
    I totally agree that having a DSLR means that you will immediately start taking better pictures and that having a Compact Digital means that you won’t be able to take good photos. People can take amazing photos with point-and-shoots, but once they get a DSLR, they can explore more techniques and try using creative modes (you can do this with high-end compacts, however a DSLR has a larger sensor, therefore better low-light and high ISO performance, and also a shallower depth of field).

  3. rand5190 says:

    Love these videos. …
    Love these videos. Great information and presentation. Thank you for making them. Would like to see more in the future about photo tips and camera operation.

  4. FrozenIkeIke says:

    This is great man, …
    This is great man, thanks. :)

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