Digital Photography Tips: Better Pictures – Part 2

0 Digital Photography Tips: Better Pictures   Part 2Learn about the camera functions that allow you to control your pictures’ color and exposure quality.

Duration : 0:5:12

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  1. jfunique says:

    this video is sooo …
    this video is sooo great !!!!

  2. therao123 says:

    I just started to …
    I just started to get interested in “non-auto-settings” photography. This is very clear and helpful explanation. The tips on your website are also great! Thanks alot for taking the time and sharing it all!

  3. Loriel13 says:

    finally – someone …
    finally – someone has explained this stuff in a way that doesn’t sound like, “blah blah blah ISO, blah blah blah LIGHT, blah blah blah FOCUS.”

  4. BarbaraBlu says:

    Really good tips …
    Really good tips for the beginner.

  5. azyzulcarey says:

    awesome explanation …
    awesome explanation Sir! TQ

  6. ragan29 says:

    I’m just stepping …
    I’m just stepping up to DSLR. Very helpful video. Thank you :)

  7. GaboonV says:

    tnx, great
    tnx, great

  8. vlobao says:

    really, really …
    really, really great…

  9. Nickiewoo says:

    Very informative …
    Very informative thank you alot!!!

  10. FrozenIkeIke says:

    Great, though I …
    Great, though I wish your website had my camera.-_-

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