Nikon Coolpix S8000 Digital Camera

0 Nikon Coolpix S8000 Digital CameraNikon’s super slim, clearly brilliant Coolpix S8000 combines 14.2 effective megapixels with an incredible 10x optical Zoom-Nikkor ED glass lens for stunning prints as large as 20×30 inches. The camera features an incredible, bright 3.0-inch High Resolution VGA (921-k dot) LCD for composing and sharing pictures and HD (720p) movies with stereo sound. The Coolpix S8000, with Nikon’s EXPEED image processing concept and 4-way VR Image Stabilization System, takes incredible pictures, incredibly easy. The Coolpix S8000 has Nikon’s New Smart Portrait System which; automatically detects your subjects face, takes a picture when they smile, can soften the skin tone, and warns you if they blinked.

Duration : 0:7:25

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  1. viniciusgiusti says:

    I bought this …
    I bought this camera, but realised that when making movies the audio has a constant pitched noise in high frequences. And I ask myself: why is there the choice to have stereo, if there is a noise stereo? Why the seller tried to convince me that this sound is normal for this kind of cameras. I had a Pentax Optio E35, lower quality and lower price than the Nikon S8000 and this noise doesn’t exist. The Nikon S8000 is a camera for photo, but not for videos. I really feel fooled. Thank you Nikon.

  2. Alyyyyyyyycia says:

    Would You recommend …
    Would You recommend the nikon s8000 or the Samsung WB650?

  3. TheRealAlexAldana says:

    I want this camera. …
    I want this camera…

  4. urbanyogie says:

    @ExiledProduction, …
    @ExiledProduction, hey! thanks a ton for the update! I guess, I’ll give this one a pass then. I had canon g9- loved it- posted a number of timelapse vids on my profile. Then I got tired of it- bought dslr- loving it! But miss having a pocket cam. So, I was thinking of Nikon Coolpix S8000, Canon g11 or Sony tx7 (with isweep- but I dont like touchscreen- eats up too much battery). And for some reason, Canon g11 reviews are not as good as g9, but i might just go with g11. oh well! thanks again!!

  5. afromex1 says:

    I have this camera …
    I have this camera and I am not impressed by the picture quality in fact my cell phone can take similar quality pictures. Its going back to the store i dont recomend it I will check out other brands.

  6. phenochio says:

    how is the picture …
    how is the picture quality when transfered to pc? sometimes.. its pretty bad.. idk about this one.. maybe someone who has it can tell me how it is? the picture quality in the highest resolution

  7. ILov3Music14 says:

    OMGOMGOMG im …
    OMGOMGOMG im getting it in like 2 days :D sooooo excited!

  8. ILov3Music14 says:

    @iheartmakeup141 …
    @iheartmakeup141 awesome ;)

  9. St3Ph4N0 says:

    @marque235 30 mins
    @marque235 30 mins

  10. paulineSherris says:

    @iheartmakeup141 …
    @iheartmakeup141 the S8000? FUCK!!!! I just bought it off Target this morning for 250 :(

  11. iheartmakeup141 says:

    @paulineSherris u …
    @paulineSherris u should get it i got it only $169.00 off of RLY cheap!!! 14mp s8000 exactly like this! its amaizing!

  12. iheartmakeup141 says:

    JUST got it coming …
    JUST got it coming 3 days SOOOOO EXCITED!

  13. paulineSherris says:

    I WANT IT!
    I WANT IT!

  14. marque235 says:

    How many minutes of …
    How many minutes of HD video can it take?

  15. ExiledProduction says:

    @urbanyogie okay, i …
    @urbanyogie okay, i ended up buying this camera and no it doesn’t have have a time lapse option, i don’t know of any digital cameras who have that option, but you can buy a tool called an intervalometer for the camera, where you can set the intervals of each picture, then upload them on to a computer to make a time lapse video.

  16. urbanyogie says:

    @ExiledProduction, …
    @ExiledProduction, i guess if either one of us comes to know, we’ll notify the other :)

  17. totanny says:

    great video! i just …
    great video! i just purchased this and i’m waiting for this to come in =-)

  18. jumppinAss says:

    Hey, Im looking for …
    Hey, Im looking for a Good Decent camera.
    One which isnt too pricey and can do the job.
    A Camera that can get nice close ups, and landscapes photos and can record.
    Can someone Please recommend me a camera?
    I dont know that much about camera’s But i desperatly need one Quick.
    Please, Thank you

  19. redpenchill says:

    Grrrrr I need this …
    Grrrrr I need this so bad :/

  20. ExiledProduction says:

    @urbanyogie ive …
    @urbanyogie ive been wondering the same thing!

  21. sorryociffer says:



    Overall, yes, it is a nice camera and feels very well made and takes nice pics. That combined with a 10x optical zoom and being easy to use is a nice package. The response time to be ready to shoot, shutter lag, and frame rate is somewhat important to me because with our 1st child we wanted something that would shoot/be ready to shoot FAST. This just wasn’t able to do it as fast as we liked. If you don’t need/want the speed, it’s a very nice choice.

  22. livesfree1993 says:

    @sorryociffer is it …
    @sorryociffer is it a nice cam or not? can u recommend me any model or brands? i dont really know much bout cams

  23. urbanyogie says:

    hi, does anyone …
    hi, does anyone know if it has feature for time lapse videos? thank you.

  24. mareee0280 says:

    the best

    the best

  25. netanel296 says:



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