Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 65: Lighting a Green Screen

0 Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 65: Lighting a Green ScreenIn this week’s episode Mark shows you how to properly light a green screen.

Duration : 0:13:13

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  1. MrMatz45 says:

    Fun video
    Fun video

  2. banerjeeavijit says:

    thanks Mark, I …
    thanks Mark, I have been following your online lessons and want to say that you are the Khan Academy for photography buffs.

  3. RobyllPhotos says:

    an overdose of …
    an overdose of bokeh … couldnt focus :D

  4. Fearlessroby says:

    Great work man!
    Great work man!

  5. RobyllPhotos says:

    @LonelyMan36 yes of …
    @LonelyMan36 yes of course its even easier in post production …

  6. Fearlessroby says:

    Could you do a …
    Could you do a video on how to create a timelapse..thanks!

  7. oscarpapa87 says:

    Could you do a …
    Could you do a video on how to clean and maintain the kit properly… thanks

  8. sjkdec18 says:

    overdose of bokeh.. …
    overdose of bokeh…. lol!

  9. LonelyMan36 says:

    it’s a really great …
    it’s a really great lesson:D
    BTW, is it possible to do it with photos?

  10. tdrag97 says:

    Could you make a …
    Could you make a video as to how to take good picture at an amusement park. Due to soo many people and which lens you would used and setting ?

  11. VideoCast714 says:

    Mark, what about …
    Mark, what about metering for the Halo light (rear of head light)? Did you meter for that as well or did you just put it on full blast?. If you did meter for it, did you point the meter sphere at the light or point it toward the ceiling?

    Nice Video.

  12. chargerfun34 says:

    Amazing! Thank you …
    Amazing! Thank you so much for the video! Great teacher

  13. Musidreams says:

    Great job Mark, …
    Great job Mark, very helpful videos. You are definitely a guide to becoming better to both the unfortunate people that can’t afford schooling and the advanced people. :D

  14. rezrocknj says:

    Can this same set …
    Can this same set up be use with photography? How would I key out the subject with the white brim light on the shoulders and the head?

  15. idro2k says:

    Makes the art of …
    Makes the art of teaching look simple! What a guy! What a tutorial! Thanks

  16. Solarfactor says:

    Mark Wallace, I …
    Mark Wallace, I salute you. What a fantastic teacher.

  17. MightyTriangle says:

    Love the news …
    Love the news ticker on fakenews. Very funny.

  18. ebeastie says:

    Bokeh, HA!
    Bokeh, HA!

  19. StalkerPT1 says:

    Excelent, out-of- …
    Excelent, out-of-the-ordinary tips, fantastic!
    Many, many thanks!

  20. CarlosPinto88 says:

    Great lesson.

    Great lesson.

  21. santiagopteixeira says:

    Great lesson thanks
    Great lesson thanks

  22. yotoyou says:



  23. Alaev100 says:


  24. vladutz8 says:

    So now we’re …
    So now we’re starting to count the morons?!

  25. MaruPhotography says:

    Oh dear at the …
    Oh dear at the below comments…

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