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0 Outdoor Portrait Photography Lightinghttp://froknowsphoto.com/?p=2086 Wednesday’s have been Lightroom day for quite a while. Well now its going to be Lightroom/Lighting day! In this video I go over portrait lighting outdoors then go over some samples and how I made them. A few of the samples were flash but the rest were available light. The video was also done in available light with no auxiliary lighting.

When you are shooting portraits outdoor be sure to watch the light on the person’s face. The central part of the face (eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, nose, mouth and chin) are considered to be the ‘mask’ of the face. That is where you need to concentrate your lighting efforts and be sure its pleasing. The best way to learn and get better at it is to pay attention, study photographs of your favorite (http://www.flickr.com/photos/jaredpolin) photographers (http://www.flickr.com/photos/cazillo/) (pun intended) and also when watching TV. Look at the light vs shadow. See the camera angle, head position, intensity of the light vs shadow, harshness or softness of the light, etc etc. There are many things that make a difference in your portraits…hopefully this will give you more ideas and better portraits!

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  1. rrgert4 says:

    what camera was …
    what camera was this shot with ?

  2. thefamilyoful says:

    Thanks so much for …
    Thanks so much for the tips, so easy to watch and listen to, thanks!!

  3. ptlofts says:

    I really enjoyed …
    I really enjoyed your explanation. You have a good way to do it simple to understand. Thanks and keep the vids coming. Greatings from Portugal.

  4. JaredPolin says:

    @SsoulBlade yes …
    @SsoulBlade yes there will be full on courses for you to purchase and get access to the videos!!! Prob not DVDs as that would end up costing more but download bale content yes.

  5. SsoulBlade says:

    Wow, …

    Wow, that was a quick reply. :-)
    Custom?? Aw. So I won’t find it on iTunes or anyplace else?

    PS. Great work on the tut’s you have so far. Downloaded about 63 of your videos. Any plans for a dvd set in the future?

  6. JaredPolin says:

    @SsoulBlade its a …
    @SsoulBlade its a custom song for us by a friend Nick Perri of the band Sinai band dot come

  7. SsoulBlade says:

    What’s the name of …
    What’s the name of artist/song that’s used as the intro?

  8. SL33PYJ0E says:

    @valdezapg He …
    @valdezapg He should get the Blue Yeti Mic that Jared reviewed. :)

  9. madidancer121 says:

    Awesome awesome …
    Awesome awesome videos Greg and Jared! I can’t even begin to explain how much I’ve learned from you two

  10. riverhousefoto says:

    nice one Greg
    nice one Greg


    the new intro is …
    the new intro is sweet!!! great vid guys keep up the good work

  12. rich999uk says:

    Nice one Greg
    Nice one Greg

  13. OChristFollower says:

    did he notice a fat …
    did he notice a fat joke toward himself lol he looked like he was offended too LOL

  14. candywrapp says:

    @hcoll thats not …
    @hcoll thats not the new one
    i think thats just gregs

  15. candywrapp says:

    @hcoll thats not …
    @hcoll thats not the new one.
    i guess thats just peters

  16. autodeskgeek says:

    In the last picture …
    In the last picture you talk about in this video, I noticed that the exif said that it was taken with a Kodak DCS 660.
    I must point out that I think the DCS-series were the best out there.
    I personally shoot only with kodak’s DCS cameras still, to this day.
    Just love them.

    So.. I was just really happy to see that it wasn’t just me who had seen the charm and quality of the DCS series. haha. have a good one.

  17. JohhnyQuest says:

    Excellent video! …
    Excellent video! Thanks Greg.

  18. valdezapg says:

    greg is overdue for …
    greg is overdue for a beter microphone. his videos have great content, but the sound is a little low and not the best quality.

  19. XxxRXPxxX says:

    is it me.. is there …
    is it me.. is there a slight image drag when Greg moves his arms? Is this the video, the camera, or am I just tripping again? lol Great vid Greg.

  20. r0ssel0203113 says:

    Thx Greg….
    Thx Greg….

  21. mikenyesi123 says:

    @pepomk123 thats …
    @pepomk123 thats right im one of the originals biattchhhh =D

  22. ObeyBrandon says:

    way better intro! …
    way better intro! WAY WAY better

  23. ig92r says:


  24. filipeali says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the great tips Greg!

  25. hcoll says:

    Prefer the old …
    Prefer the old intro.

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