Photography Lighting Techniques : Lighting for Portrait Photography

0 Photography Lighting Techniques : Lighting for Portrait PhotographyIn portrait photography, the goal is to create the impression of three dimensions by lighting the “mask” of the face with a soft light to accentuate a profile. Light portrait photos with the tips in this free video on photography lighting techniques from a professional photographer.

Expert: Mark Bowers
Bio: Mark Bowers runs Bowers Photography, located in American Fork, Utah. Bowers earned a Certified Professional Photographer degree (CPP) in 1986 from the Professional Photographers of America.
Filmmaker: Michael Burton

Duration : 0:1:34

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    woo i love amateur village, i mean expert village. O_o

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    woo i love amateur villiage, i mean expert village. O_o

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  22. jshawnh says:

    interesting… …
    interesting… first time i’ve seen a photographer stress lighting the complete front of the face.
    Most emphasize lighting from one side or the other, unless it is beauty lighting. Short or broad lighting leave shadows on one side of the face, without the complete front of the face being lit. He has a nice look to his portraits, worth experimenting with,

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    He is poor at explaining, but what he basically means is to sculpt the face with lighting to accentuate features of the person being photographed.

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    Thanks for wasting a minute and a half of my life.

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