Bigshot Digital Camera

0 Bigshot Digital CameraProfessor Shree Nayar talks about the purpose and development of the Bigshot camera project.

Duration : 0:4:32

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  1. Loki95531 says:

    This is a very cool …
    This is a very cool thing. I wish we could have had this twenty years ago when I was in school.

  2. Devils0987 says:

    I remember when he …
    I remember when he showed me the prototype of this a few years ago


    AMAZING project and …
    AMAZING project and an innovative approach at technology education superb concept. I hope one day soon my children will be taught with this project in their schools here in Toronto

  4. viniciuspedrozo says:

    where I buy?
    where I buy?

  5. timothy22597 says:

    Brilliant idea– …
    Brilliant idea–great prospects!

  6. BillyNoMate says:

    I want one of those …
    I want one of those!!!… PLEASE!!!! XD

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