Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 64: Group Shots: Adorama Photography TV

0 Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 64: Group Shots: Adorama Photography TVAdorama TV presents how to set up lighting for Group Shots. This week, Mark demonstrates how to light a large or small group of people indoors with a single light source. Mark uses the Inverse Square law to calculate how the size of the light source and the distance from the light source to the subjects can create even, flattering light. Be sure to watch to the very end of this video!

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Duration : 0:6:54

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  1. Laclaustra says:

    @naignik It will be …
    @naignik It will be the same thing, a speedligth is about 90-100 W/s so you’ll need 3 or 4, similar as he as he did with the novatron. You may have to shoot, a larger aperture though. Always watch the aperture for DOF on groups. Also the farther the light the smaller relative to the subject so the harder it is, on the wall is no big deal but the Octa, if you have no walls to bounce or anything might get hard shadows.

  2. naignik says:

    How about using the …
    How about using the speedlight?

  3. kauxkaux says:

    Uber nice!
    Uber nice!

  4. HumanZoo22 says:

    im not used to …
    im not used to lighting, but how do the overhead lights affect the picture? (If at all) – It would be kind of wierd to be shooting in the dark untill the flash went off.

  5. 00sven00sven00 says:

    @ramdawgy Nope, …
    @ramdawgy Nope, still first! Its *you’re* by the way. I win again!! I hope i win a 7D…please…

  6. pariawan says:

    when shooting group …
    when shooting group, how do you know where to focus and recompose?

  7. rickjbradbury says:

    @smoranc Speedlites …
    @smoranc Speedlites will work but you wont get as much power from them and there fore less depth of field, aperture controls flash power. Many other variables also, distance, modifier used, light power and also considerations as to what the ambient light is.

  8. smoranc says:

    How about using …
    How about using speedlights? Is it possible to get the same amazing results? Thanks.

  9. RLJSlick says:

    Excellent job as …
    Excellent job as always!

  10. heiki1234 says:

    nice tutorial :)
    nice tutorial :)

  11. aluxious says:

    Great tutorial!

    I …
    Great tutorial!

    I learn from you every episode. I am not a pro, just a hobbyist. My friends begin to notice that my photos are improving. Thanks for the tips. Cheers

  12. TheOats says:

    “Not because he is …
    “Not because he is ugly” So he IS ugly, its just not the reason why you block he’s face? =P (Just kidding)

  13. stephanebaz1185 says:

    Would a Large …
    Would a Large umbrella do the same job?

  14. ramdawgy says:

    @00sven00sven00 …
    @00sven00sven00 fail your second :)

  15. TangoJulietPhoto says:

    Would love to see …
    Would love to see an example using shoe mounted or off-camera flash bounced off the wall or ceiling and how the distance affects the light.

  16. WylunCustoms says:

    nice video, but you …
    nice video, but you should also do a video for group shots for people that… dont have a 25ft room studio or lamp/light sets up except for a flash… =P the only thing i can think of is just set ur camera to F8+ and have steady hands =D

  17. NoMotif says:

    what about group …
    what about group shots that have impact? like dramatic group photos. Because doing easy group photos are too easy, and look kinda bland.

  18. jondafurb says:

    Great advise, my …
    Great advise, my first group shot I lighted way too close.

  19. Snakekilla12 says:

    What was the …
    What was the product used on the last set of strob studio lights?

  20. corazonesnegros502 says:



  21. 00sven00sven00 says:

    FIRST!! What do i …
    FIRST!! What do i win???

  22. tigre932 says:

    first like
    first like

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