Music and Sports Photographer, David Bergman: How’d They Do That?

0 Music and Sports Photographer, David Bergman: Howd They Do That?Adorama Photography TV presents How’d They Do That with David Bergman. David is a concert, sports and action photographer based in New York. David has photographed everything from major sporting events like the World Series to the high intensity world of rock concert tours. He has photographed six U.S. Presidents and his Obama inauguration GigaPan has been viewed over 12 million times.

For info about the gear David uses, and to learn more about concert photography as well as his work with Bon Jovi, go here:

See more of David’s work at and at

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  1. ponyboymidnight says:

    Good video, …
    Good video, informative. The excitement of his art/craft comes through easily with his presentation and descriptions.

  2. RFguy8 says:

    Great interview …
    Great interview Mark!!!

  3. martinatierney says:

    What a lovely man.. …
    What a lovely man… friendly, informative, generous with his advice, interesting. Great video Adorama! Learnt a lot from watching that, especially about low light problems.

  4. RLJSlick says:

    That’s pretty cool, …
    That’s pretty cool, lucky guy.

  5. BrunoCoutant says:

    Great interview, …
    Great interview, Thank you for posting! Does David cover/coverd Aerosmith too? :)

  6. reptedjess says:

    That’s one sweet …
    That’s one sweet wig! hahaha!

  7. Pavehawk55 says:

    Awesome interview!
    Awesome interview!

  8. MrDownfal1 says:

    Great video once …
    Great video once again! Really liked David’s approach to studio (portraits) photos, cause that method can work great when shooting amateur models & friends (it’s so usual that person gets stiff when giving those “1 inch to left” commands)

  9. steveminla says:

    Nice interview Mark …
    Nice interview Mark and great questions too.

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