Boda Bag for the Working photographer

0 Boda Bag for the Working photographerWhen you just need to get to your gear fast! Visit for more photo-ness! and free stuff weekly!

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  1. mettalliko says:

    i was looking to …
    i was looking to buy this one or the lowepro 200
    this one is $200 vs lowepro for $54 off ebay,on the lowepro you can fit 3 lenses plus camera i think i i am gonna order both and try them

  2. Bently100 says:

    @Philscbx Never …
    @Philscbx Never mind. Happy shooting!!!

  3. Bently100 says:

    @Bently100 never …
    @Bently100 never mind. Happy shooting!

  4. Philscbx says:

    You are …

    You are in the drivers seat, so you have to steer and point out what it is that’s so confusing.

  5. Bently100 says:

    @Philscbx Sorry but …
    @Philscbx Sorry but I don’t understand most of your comment.

  6. Philscbx says:

    Good …

    Good eye, the one at his feet.
    I have the same one.

  7. Philscbx says:


    Contacts are scrubbed at every mount-dismount.
    Very small moment the lens is in transition in working zone vs boarding plane in soccer tackle.
    I panic if body cap is missing more so.
    DUST on sensor can kill the tour. You want QUICK.
    A wedding, a one time only event. You missed it, digging for gear.

    This designer did a great job in real time. Heck Yeah!
    A Gun Smoke challenge.
    I’d loose digging in my Thinktank International.

  8. MrCofeeboy says:

    looks like he just …
    looks like he just pulled the 70-200 straight off

  9. lgx22 says:

    does it comes with …
    does it comes with sizes? rain cover? any other color? and then when will it be avaliable in asia, particulary in singapore? Lolz…
    I hope it isn’t too expensive …..

  10. Rients96 says:

    he changes lenses …
    he changes lenses very FAST!

  11. Marmit42424 says:


    Yea! …

    Yea! Or your tripod?

  12. aaronc608 says:

    @Bently100 maybe …
    @Bently100 maybe you should buy a 1d and find out

  13. aaronc608 says:

    @brettmaxwell this …
    @brettmaxwell this bag is designed for professionals thats why

  14. KeNuBort says:

    i wonder if it can …
    i wonder if it can fit an IPAD!!!

  15. JonnyC4u says:

    all because of cost …
    all because of cost. and truly getting something waterproof is really hard it involves way more seals on all the pockets and the annoying rubberized zippers.

  16. rocket881 says:

    I don’t think the …
    I don’t think the contacts are as delicate as you think, I imagine the interior of the bag is soft fabric or smooth nylon. I definitely don’t baby my equipment, don’t intentionally bang it around but it’s made to be used. If you were really worried, line the bag with some lint-free micofiber.

  17. Bently100 says:

    but the delicate …
    but the delicate electrical contacts? I am to paranoid about my lenses. I would take the time to put on the cap!

  18. rocket881 says:

    @bentlybently I …
    @bentlybently I wouldn’t be worried about it. The back glass is recessed, so if you keep the bag clean there won’t be any direct contact. Small dust on the glass isn’t a big deal. My only concern would be in an area with lots of sand, salt water/mist, or probably worst, pollen. Pollen is sticky and could be transferred from the bag interior to the lens to the sensor, requiring wet cleaning methods to remedy.

  19. bentlybently says:

    OK, I see that. He …
    OK, I see that. He is keeping the caps of the backs of the lesnes. What do you think of leaving that end of the lens unprotected and just stuck in the bag?

  20. rocket881 says:

    His left hand pinky …
    His left hand pinky sneaks behind and pushes the lens release button. Clearly he’s practiced the move hundreds of times to get that quick and smooth.

  21. Bently100 says:

    He did it so fast …
    He did it so fast that I had to slow it down to see him release the lens. There is still one problem-WHY did you not make it water PROOF for a downpour instead of just water resistant!

  22. Bently100 says:

    IS there no button …
    IS there no button on the camera that you have to push to release the lens? It looked like you just twisted the lens off without having to release it.

  23. BarrackObamah says:

    gona be copied by …
    gona be copied by china.

  24. whoppers1000 says:

    dang! what about …
    dang! what about the back lens cover for the lenses? Heck, if, I owned those lenses, I’d spend an extra second or so putting on the lens cover, so as to protect from the dust?

  25. kineticsoul22 says:

    Damn lol that’s a …
    lol that’s a fast switch lol

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